We have the required experience & know-how

Admeta is the leading technology provider of Private Ad Exchange solutions to premium publishers in Europe. We are an independent and experienced technology provider that develops and operates our technology, so our clients can continue to focus on their ad sales business and maximize revenues. Since 2002 we have been combining outstanding technology and commercial insight to improve the business of online actors. We believe that hard work and outstanding technology needs to come together with commercial expertise and market insight. We use our patented technology to help publishers and advertisers increase their revenues. We have clients in more than 20 European countries including some of Europes premium publishers.

Testimonials from our clients

"We use Admeta's optimization and retargeting tools in our advertising network PayPer. We have experienced significant revenue uplifts with their optimization engine. We are more than satisfied with the results provided by their advanced and easy to use products. We definietely plan to continue and deepen our co-operation with Admeta and I would not be suprised if Admeta gets a lot of market attention in 2013."

Magda Wasilewska,
Managing Director at Agora

"Admeta’s optimization helps us to improve our publishers’ eCPM by an uplift of up to 100%. We also use Admeta’s retargeting to achieve better campaigns’ results for advertisers. Our cooperation has been really satisfying for us and we are impressed by the advancement of their product.It is also important to mention that Admeta's support is really quick and solves all the problems immediately.

Marcin Ekiert,
CEO at AdTaily

“Tango is an excellent platform to sell display advertising. It is constantly developing new functionality and we really appreciate the efforts of Admeta team to help us in any situation, quick troubleshooting and sales support. Thanks to Tango we are able to provide our clients with transparent and returnable campaigns.”

Alzbeta Ivanovicova,
adGuru Executive

“I can highly recommend Admeta's Whitebox Tango. Due to Admeta's ad exchange solution we have been able to reach new customers and have seen a substantial increase in our online profits. It's all about maximising our daily income through optimizing the usage of our ad inventory. This is a challenge and possibility for all publishers with unsold inventory.”

Fredrik Johansson,
CEO, Adbid