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10/1/2014 12:00:00 AM

We are hiring

Admeta is known for its great people and high work ethics. We truly believe that it is the dedicated employees that will continue to make us be what we are today. Now you can become one of us!

7/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

WideOrbit Acquires Admeta

WideOrbit, the largest provider of sell-side media management software in the world, has acquired Admeta. This is great news for Admeta, WideOrbit, our joint customers and the industry!

6/10/2014 12:00:00 AM

New Admeta Dashboard

We have released a newly designed and improved user dashboard for better monitoring, as well as a simplified and well structured mega top menu. You are welcome to login and experience it!

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We Care About Your Brand, Advertiser Relations & Inventory - enpowering premium publisher control.

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The fast-paced and evolving technological landscape is continuously reshaping all facets of business. The media industry is no exception as it both impacts and absorbs change. With more than a decade of experience as a technology provider in the online industry, Admeta is at the forefront of responding to these changes.


With offices in New York, Ottawa and Gothenburg (HQ) - Admeta is a fast-growing platform supplier that is consistently expanding its reach in new and existing markets with its product – The Private Ad Exchange. 


Through the comprehensive white-labeled Private Ad Exchange, Admeta exclusively affords premium publishers the ability to fully control and monetize their inventory as non-guaranteed auction or non-auction based sales. Incorporating patented and proprietary world-class optimization technology for direct and indrect sales, The Admeta Private Ad Exchange enables premium publishers to optimize revenue through sophisticated optimization technology.

Admeta’s unique optimization technology delivers groundbreaking results for each impression based on the company’s core philosophy -- Every Impression Counts.

All required features are included:

  1. Ad serving
  2. Optimisation
  3. Handling CPC, CPM, CPA/L and Hybrids
  4. Self Service Interface
  5. Support

Some examples of the configuration options are:

    • Multiple floor prices
    • Different levels of targeting (from ROS, Verticals and RON)
    • Retargeting
    • IP/Geotargeting
    • Multiple user rights
    • Billing options


Our clients

We are very proud of our clients. Our clients have enabled our success and help us improve and strengthen our product every day. Some of our clients include:


Testimonials from our clients

“The Private Ad Exchange has enabled Sky to open up additional revenue streams through our existing inventory without impacting our current sales structure. The interface is really user friendly and streamlined and the support from Admeta is excellent. For over a year now we've worked with Admeta and they have been an excellent partner, we will continue to work with them for foreseeable future”

Tim Hussain,
Head of Platform Development & Partnerships, Sky

"I can highly recommend Admeta's Private Ad Exchange. Due to Admeta's ad exchange solution we have been able to reach new customers and have seen a substantial increase in our online profits. It's all about maximising our daily income through optimizing the usage of our ad inventory. This is a challenge and possibility for all publishers with unsold inventory."

Fredrik Johansson,
CEO, Adbid

“Through the Admeta Private Ad Exchange system we have found a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity. The increased demand for CPA and PPC is something we now can handle since Tango optimises our eCPM. Thus the advertisers themselves to a large degree carry the responsibility whether their ads will get a high priority or not. Admeta is an innovative company with an excellent product and we predict that they will get a lot of attention in the near future.”

Ole Andreas Sandbo,
Sales Director at VG.no

“The Private Ad Exchange is a friendly and easy to use Performance platform. In a market focused on results, it is an optimization platform that will make a publisher´s life easier. Text Ads format should help publishers gain new revenue from advertisers used to Text links but willing to have an alternative. We in Prisa Brand Solutions changed our sell model to add CPC and CPL based on Admeta technology, and the result are better every month.”

Gonzalo Ochoa Abal,
Director Commercial Performance Marketing, Prisa Brand Solutions